Monday, May 21, 2012

The funny looking shoes

Me and my husband took a trip to the central coast a few weeks ago and I had noticed that quite a few people were wearing these funny looking shoes! I could not help but to giggle when I seen them. They look like gloves but for your feet!! Now I was sure there was a reason for this so I investigated. While window shopping in the downtown area I ran across a store with the exact same shoes I had been seeing so I decided to step in and have a look. To my surprise they ARE actual shoes for your feet (not gloves) LOL . I picked a pair up off the rack and oh my they are very light. Seriously though, would I wear these things?? For one, the price is ridiculous (85.00??) really?? Are they that great?? I am so curious. Do any of you own a pair??

I researched even further by reading the sign at the top of the display: Here is what i read. These shoes supposedly are better for you especially if you have back problems, leg problems etc. Now with this being said I decided to try them out. I slipped my feet into the shoes and walked around a bit. They felt strange to me but at the same time they actually felt good. almost as if i was barefoot! I could totally wear these around the house. I still think of them as funny shoes so I probably would not feel confident enough to wear out in public LOL


  1. LOL I own some and feel the same way about wearing them in public!! =] I did get a few compliments the day I bought mine, but I wasnt sure if they were just bein nice or really liked my shoes, But I found mine at Ross for $20.00 =] I hope you like them, now the problen is finding toes sock that dont go higher than my ankles, all I can find is knee highs lol.

    1. well that is a pretty good price. And oh my i had not thought about the me an excuse to go shop around hehe