Saturday, August 25, 2012

Covergirl/olay foundation and face powder review!!!

As a member of I was given the opportunity to test out the Cover girl/olay cosmetics!! I received a full bottle of Cover girl foundation and a full size compact of their face powder. 

I'm not going to lie...I have so many different bottles and different brands of foundations in my drawer that I have bought just to find that they made me look like a ghost or look like something from a circus LOL so of course I was quite sceptical of this one too. When I opened it up I put just a drop on my finger and applied to my cheek just to see if it was of the right shade for my skin. Wow was I amazed at how light it felt and how easy it was to blend. So far a plus!! After applying to my entire face I stared into my mirror in amazement because I actually looked good (or actually better than without) I normally do not wear foundation simply because it feels heavy or it makes me look like a ghost (literally) lol. Anyhow I was brave enough to take a before and after pic to show how much of a difference there is. I really like this product and plan on purchasing some but most likely in a bit darker shade. 

First thing I noticed was my skin tone....before pic I look red! After pic more toned down. Also less shine. Amazing how this foundation can make such a big difference. I can honestly say I will start wearing foundation again!! Thanks cover girl!!

I received these products for sole purpose of testing and giving my honest thoughts and opinions. No compensation of any kind was received.

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