Monday, June 17, 2013

Are your legs ready for summer?

    If you are like me when it comes to my legs then you are going to love this!! Summertime here in Central cali can get pretty darn hot and that means wearing shorts and tank tops all summer long. So with that being said I MUST have soft silky looking legs every single day! Now there are so many ways to remove unwanted hair from your legs such as waxing (ouch) , hair removal cream (smelly), laser treatment (expensive) and shaving (cha-ching) !! I do not want pain and i do not want smelly creams...and definitely can not afford to get laser treatment so I go with what works for me and that is a really good razor and some silky shave gel. Now you are probably asking yourself where can i get a good high quality razor without emptying my wallet?? Well I am here to tell you all how I get mine and still have money to spend on other things such as a cute pair of shorts or even some flip flops! Now think about how much money you spend each time you go to the store to buy DISPOSABLE razors....not cheap huh?? And then just to throw them out after a few days of use.

    Here is my secret....I buy my razors from dollar shave club. With this club i was able to get a very high quality razor and 4 refill blades (4 blade razors) for just $6.00 a month...yup you read right $6!!! and I shave every other day so I need a razor that is going to get the job done right and last for more than a few days. In my own opinion I find these blades to be superior and they last a long time. I usually replace my blade after about 10 days which is way better than those pricey disposables. I get my razors shipped every other month which is an option you can choose after signing up. They are delivered directly to my mailbox so no need to head on out in the blazing heat and then stand in lines at the register. Easy peasy :)

   Now that I've captured your attention...why not head over and check them out?? It does not cost a thing to look :p....there are many different options to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect plan that fits your budget. Also visit their FB page here and let them know that I sent ya :)

   I guarantee you will be as pleased as I am with your purchase.


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