Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Personal Tug Of War

Ever felt like you were being pulled in two different directions? It does not feel too good.

 When i was just 2 weeks old my biological mother walked out never to return. Twelve years later she shows up and takes me from the only family i know (my dad, grandma and grandpa)

 My mother and I never really bonded and i assume the only reason she came and got me was to collect some type of child support. Just my opinion. Anyhow...I have not seen or spoken to her in over 30 years but I DO know she does not live to far from me.

 I often wonder how she is doing as she has to be pushing 70 about now. I have heard that she was in the hospital at least twice for heart surgery. I just can not bring myself into checking on her. I feel like I should but then again i just do not want any confrontation with her.

 She has never made any effort to see me or my kids who are now adults. Nor has she ever inquired about any of us. Feels like I am pulled in two different directions.

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