Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sometimes we just need a little help!!

We have all been there!! There are those occasional nights when you feel so sleepy only to find that when you finally get into your bed and get all comfortable you just can not fall asleep!! you toss, you turn, you position your pillows over and over and yet still find yourself wide awake.

The makers of ZzzQuil understands your struggle. They have created a product that not only helps you get that much needed sleep, but also helps you wake up refreshed.

I am not one to take a pill unless i know it is going to work AND is safe to take.

ZzzQuil has proven to be both!! I tried it, i liked it and I will definitely be using again when the occasion arises. I took 2 of these amazing purple pills and surprisingly got a really good nights sleep. About 8 hours later I awoke feeling refreshed, energized and not a bit groggy . My only complaint was how long it took for it to work...but that could be just my experience...who knows? I do however like the fact that it is an over the counter product and not prescription.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who ever has troubles falling asleep as it really does work effectively and is safe to take side effects as far as i can see :)

I received a sample of  #ZzzQuil for testing purposes thanks to Influenster . All opinions are my own

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