Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another Big company who thinks they can win!!!!

Good Evening!!! It has been a while since my last post...only because I have been so busy with the thing called life :)

I felt it was time for some serious conversation....
How many of you (my followers) are hard working women, homemakers, moms, grandmas who are trying to make every penny stretch? I'm guessing 90% of you are in one way or another.

Today I went to the grocery store as usual to pick up a local newspaper or two (I try to buy a few in anticipation of finding some really good coupon inserts) . I purchased my newspapers and headed home. Upon opening up my papers i see there are 3 inserts included (the more the better right?) Well in a way this was nice but then i open up the P&G insert only to find that there are no coupons for my favorite laundry detergent!! Yes...believe it or not they have purposely left them out. Instead of an actual coupon they place a non-coupon in there with a link to their website asking you to go here and print one...yes i said only one. 

For a company who has been around for many years to pull such a thing is just mind boggling.
For one...i am sure they pay for this (non-coupon) to be printed and published. And two...they do not take into consideration their loyal consumers. Some of us may not have access to a printer, some may not even understand the internet...such as elderly people and most of all those who buy enough for their family to get by on for a month or two. Who uses one coupon? 

I have written several emails to P&G with my concerns about this only to receive an email back stating that they can not help me out but instead send me a coupon for my favorite product. It is very obvious that they are not concerned with our complaints...or....they are not getting enough complaints to begin with.

We as consumers can make or break a company really fast if we all ban together and voice our opinions.

I urge you to write or call them up and voice your opinion to this matter because if you sit back silently...big companies like this will win and we lose.

They need to know that people like me and i am sure you too use coupons to buy their products in hopes of stretching our hard earned dollar. Without coupons and access to them eventually their products will stop selling and this can mean stores and especially small stores will see less profit.

Let them know that what they are doing is hurting everyone in the long run because I for one will not pay full price if i don't have to. I will eventually buy another product all together.

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