Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beautiful alternative housing

I have always wanted a home I could call my own. Unfortunately I have never been able to even think about buying my own home being on a very low income. Recently I stumbled upon some amazing homes that are built using Cargo containers!! Yes, cargo containers. At first I was like ummm really?? How strange lol but then I scrolled through the pics and was absolutely amazed!! There are some very beautiful and clever designs out there and they actually are being lived in. 

After seeing this I started to think. What could the cost of this be compared to buying a home already built?? Have not researched a whole lot on this as of yet but am seriously considering getting as much info as I can. This would be perfect for me as it is just me and my husband who would be living in it. There are endless possibilities as well. Design would be totally up to us :) I love that!! I can already picture how my kitchen and living room would be. Take a look at the few I have discovered and tell me...what do you think?? Is this something you would like or not?? From what i have seen so far I am liking them!

This Redondo Beach House from prefab pioneer Peter DeMaria is made from 8 shipping containers . This spacious pad, 20 foot ceilings and an outdoor lap pool in the laidback community of Redondo Beach has garnered a fair amount of mainstream press---including a spot on CNN---and won coveted architectural awards, making it the definitive shipping container trophy home.

Now this is something I could really live in!! Isn't this cool?? This creation defies the anything you knew before in houses. It too is made out of containers . New Jersey Architect Adam Kalkin designed and built this house from recycled shipping containers . Among many reasons to do this is because of their price (a used one costs under $1,000) AND durability.

The Real Estate domain has always been a place where prices grow constantly . This exact reason  pushed people to seek alternatives. Container houses bring massive benefits to their owners : very low end-price compared to traditional housing, it is assembled in a matter of days and most of all is easy to move.

Now I don't know about you, but these homes look pretty amazing with endless possibilities as far as decorating and assembling the way you want them. I am definitely looking into this more. Hope you enjoyed :) Now I am off to daydream of how my home will look like if I ever get a chance to do this.

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