Monday, November 25, 2013

Do you find yourself scrambling for a quick and easy meal to prepare for dinner? I often do and that is why I just love Kroger Skillet Meals! They are easy to prepare in about 10 minutes and are so delicious too! There are quite a few varieties to choose from as well. such as Tuscan style Penne, Chicken Fajitas, Shrimp lo mein, shrimp fried rice and even sausage rigatoni!! As a member of bzzagent I received coupons for a free kroger skillet meal, Fresh selection salad kit and a loaf of kroger garlic bread. This dinner was done in about 10-15 minutes and I felt good about being able to serve a hearty, delicious meal to my family instead of picking up the phone and ordering a greasy pizza :)

So next time you find yourself wondering what to feed the family on such short notice...give Kroger skillet meals a try! They will love it.

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