Friday, February 17, 2012

Please make them stop crying!!

OK so today was the day I realized how much stressful it can be shopping with two small children!! Ahhhhhh!! LOL My daughter and I headed to Target this evening to get supplies needed for her sons birthday party tomorrow. By the way her kids are now 2 and 3....both boys and both hard headed (like she was) lol. Anyways, we are walking through the parking lot when the 3 year old decides to dart out in front of a truck coming into the parking lot and he stops and stands right in front causing the driver to sit and wait for us to grab him...omg!! So we run and grab him while scolding him all the way to the entrance door. phewww..........ok now we are in the store. My daughter decides to call the kids father.And at the same time both kids are crying and carrying on. So  I am walking in front of her and had no idea what she had called him for until I hear sarcasm and arguing....oh what to do?? Slowly I slip into an aisle and start looking at god knows what lol just to be away from all the drama. To make a long story short I kind of disappear around the corner, find my way to the exit and go right back outside and have a much needed smoke break. I realize now that I am in my 40's that drama and kids are way too much for me!! I could never go back to raising kids LOL I like mine being adults now. :-p

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