Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red velvet cake ice cream!!! yummmm

              I know I should be sleeping right about now but I just had to share this!! Who loves red velvet cake??
Well I do :) And I have just discovered a way to have your cake and ice cream in one. All you need is a red velvet cake (homemade is best) and a package of french vanilla ice cream. Open your ice cream and let it get soft ( not melted but soft enough to stir) While that is setting out, take your cake and crumble it up into a large mixing bowl. Once ice cream is soft add it to the cake mixture and stir well. Pour your creation into a large squared freezer safe container. One that seals really tight. I prefer Rubbermaid or tupperware. Place into freezer and bam!! you have red velvet cake ice cream!! And trust me you will eat this up pretty quick. If you are like me I hid it in the back to have it all to myself LOL

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