Thursday, April 5, 2012

HCG diet drops review

     With so many diet aids on the market today it can be so overwhelming and confusing. Well let me help out a bit. I personally have tried almost all of them and let me tell you....not one of them have ever done anything for me. but do not worry because I have found one and the only one I will ever write a good review about. It;s called HCG blue bottle. Oral drops that you place under your tongue 3 times daily. Sounds simple enough huh? But wait!! there is more. With this diet also comes a very strict protocol. You are only allowed 500 calories a day and your meal choices aren't much fun. At first I was like omg there is no way I can handle it. If you have the willpower and the motivation to lose weight and the discipline to stay on the plan you can and will succeed. I weighed 178.4 in November 2011. I ordered my first bottle of HCG and started using it around the second week of November. Now one bottle lasts 3 weeks. So in 21 days I lost a total of 29.4 pounds!! No...this is not a typo lol., I was amazed!! second bottle started up on the first week of December....and with that round I lost 18.6 pounds :) was less because I had gotten sick and could not stick to protocol but still amazing results right?? Well I am happy to say that after the first 6 weeks I had already went down 2 pant sizes and felt great. I am currently maintaining my weight now at 138 pounds. Took alot of strength to get this far but so worth it. I have provided the link for you if you would like to read more into this wonderful product HERE. I would suggest reading it all to get an understanding of how it works. Also if you click HERE you can educate yourself on what you can and can not eat during this process. You can also order from this site as well.
     If you really want or need to shed some pounds then this is the product to get!! I would never suggest anything unless it really works. 

Disclosure: These are my honest opinions and I have received no free product or payment of any kind from company.

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  1. Will it affect you in the long run if you want to have kids?

    1. No...not at all :) go to to read more about this amazing product.