Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make your own scented waxes!!

       For those who just love the smell of scented oils and waxes in your home this is a wonderful DIY project. I recently discovered this site (Peak candle supplies) which offer hundreds of different scented oils as well as many other supplies to make candles. A few years ago I had bought a warmer at Walmart that is made for burning oils as well as scented waxes such as scentsy. Although i loved the waxes i bought from scentsy they were just too expensive for me and PLUS did not have the scents i preferred. I like to create my own scents so I went searching and ran across this awesome site! They have many many scents to choose from too!
       Making your own scented wax is really quite easy. First you will need wax of course. Now I did not order my wax from them. instead I headed to my local 99 cent store and stocked up on a bunch of unscented candles. They can be white or colored. I chose white :) Second you will need the oils which you can order from
HERE . All i did was took two votive candles and melted them down, removing the wick. to melt i set them on a candle warmer plate. Added about 1/3 of the bottled oil to the melted wax. poured the mixture into a simple square container such as a cheap sandwich container which i also found at the 99 cent store. let the wax harden and then break into pieces. store them in a zip loc bag and bam!! I have my own waxes :) So easy to do and they smell so nice. You can add more oil or less oil depending on how strong you want them.

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