Monday, April 2, 2012

Is sugar toxic??

If you watched 60 minutes last night you are probably in shock just as I seem to be. This information really answered many questions for me. I was told i had high blood pressure about 3 years ago. Now of course the first thing the Doc tells me is to cut out my sodium intake. Not once does he mention sugars. I am not a big sugar fanatic BUT I know now that they are adding hidden sugars in just about everything we consume! How awful is this? Now I know why my blood pressure has not went down. I have pretty much given up all sugary drinks and replaced everything with Truvia. As for the foods I have learned to read labels and I mean really read them! Example: I found hot cocoa the other day that was clearly labled Sugar Free...ummmm no!! I turned over the box and just as I thought. It has 24 grams of sugar alcohols...bummer. Why can't they just be honest about their product ingredients? This is a serious epidemic .. too many obese and ill people. Anyhow if you missed the show here is a clip i found of what was discussed

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