Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is your foot type?

Did you know there are three types of feet? Some of us have flat feet as others have high arches. There are people with long toes and others with short toes. The three types of feet shown here in this illustration.

The first is a Greek or Morton's foot where one or more toes are longer than the others.This foot type has a second toe that is longer than all the others. The width tends to be narrow to medium.
 Suggestion: Use a Crescent Cushion to help prevent a hammer toe and to relieve pressure from the second toe.

 Then there is the Egyptian Foot This foot type has a long first toe and the rest of the toes taper. The width tends to be narrow to medium.
 Suggestion: Be sure to protect that big toe- it bears weight without help from the other toes. Use an Oval Cushion and/or a Dynamic Boxliner as well.

 The third is called Giselle/Peasant Foot This foot type has at least three toes the same length (sometimes more) and the toes tend to be short. It tends to be well-suited for pointework. The width tends to be medium to wide.
 Suggestion: Regular (not Deep) vamps often flatter this foot type.

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