Friday, July 4, 2014

My journey to Fitness continues


AFTER: 138

As most of you who follow my blog know: Two years ago I was a mess!! I was extremely overweight (according to my doctor) , had little or no energy, had very low self esteem and most importantly my blood pressure was very high!

I had tried every diet fix out there from pills, to foods, etc. Nothing took the weight off :( I walked every day for hours (speed walking) only to discover that I would lose about 1 pound AND gain blisters on my feet (ouch)

A friend of mine had mentioned the hcg drops and how she was losing weight overnight. This sparked my curiosity and i researched it a bit to see just what it was all about. to make a long story short...I bought it, tried it and wow!! I was able to drop 48 pounds withing 12 weeks!! No lie...I took the drops as directed, stuck to the diet (protocol) which is very hard to follow as it only allows you to consume 500 calories a day and is very limited in food choices.
But i was determined to make it work and it did :) I went from 180 to 139 in no time!! 

My goal is to be 125 which is what is recommended for my height. I am still around where i left off 139-140 pounds and I am just pleased that i have been able to maintain this weight even after 2 years and no more drops.

Now we all know how good we feel after losing weight, but there is also a down side to it as well and that is seeing all of that skin that was so badly stretched out and left hanging!! ugghhh that just makes me so frustrated!

Well i decided that this year was going to be all about tightening and toning that stubborn skin and so i joined a really cool, fun and energetic class called TABATA .This class is held at our local gym My very first day was excruciating!! I got dizzy, overheated and nauseous...seriously!! i thought i had been beat!! I walked out and sat on the curb and just gave up!! But not really, because two days later i showed up again and was ready to take this on head first!! Jumped right back in and did it!! all the way through and let me tell you it felt good. My whole body was sore...could barely walk up my stairs, felt like i had been hit by a train!! But was all good :) 

Now about the is a very high intensity workout and by that i mean no breaks, no stopping and full on heart throbbing sweat pouring exercise!! I are thinking ummm no thanks!! but really, once you get the hang of it is so much fun!!! Especially if you have a good trainer!!

 Luckily the woman who does this class is thee best I have ever had. She is very compassionate about it, caring and just a straight up awesome person!! I feel like she is not only there to push us to do our best, but also to help us in achieving the highest!! She is like the sister i never had!! I feel very comfortable with her as a trainer...unlike the others i have encountered. she always greets us with a smile and she is always ready to compliment us.

Her name is Juli and i personally find her to be a breath of fresh air. She is a genuinely good person as well as an excellent trainer. I look forward to many more classes and will keep you updated on my achievements :)

Yes!! this woman is an awesome trainer as well as a wonderful person!! If you're reading this Juli...thanks for welcoming me into your class and making me feel like i belong :) (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))

I also really like the people who attend the class with me..everyone is so friendly and we all support each other with compliments and random high fives :) Could not ask for a better class!!!

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