Friday, July 4, 2014

Introducing MyBizziBlog

I am excited to reveal to you a new site i have recently joined called MyBizziBlog . If you're interested in writing and i mean writing about anything whether it be life experiences, recipes, how-to's etc. then you really should consider joining!

I have only been a member for a very short time, but I already really enjoy belonging. Not only can i freely express myself...but I also have the pleasure of discovering others who contribute as well. I enjoy reading just as much as i do writing.

I actually published my first post on there today and it was quite simple...except for the fact that i had no idea what to do LOL

After experimenting with all of the tools available to me I finally managed to get a post up..Yay me!!!

I highly suggest taking a full tour of the site before jumping in...just so you can feel comfortable on how the whole process goes. I guarantee that once you get the hang of it, you will really like this site. I just love discovering what others have written and find it nice to be able to comment and interact with the other writers.

Now that you have a sneak peek into MyBizziBlog why not go and check it out!!

1 comment:

  1. This website is definitely a NO NO. People do not join Davaughn White's website MyBizziBlog. He's a SCAMMER and he have scammed a lot of us who used his service.

    Let me give you all a full detail as to what took place. He included a reseller program on his blog which he claimed he sell studio credits and resell it and we get a commission. It was going good until he disabled the "cash out" button and claiming that he is fixing it. Couple hours after he terminate the reseller program with our money, reset our bank to zero (0) and disappear without a trace with our money. He had a MyBizziBlog facebook group and he also deleted that account and deactivate his personal accounts so there's no communication.

    So people beware of Davaughn White and his MyBizziBlog website because he's a good scammer. Now he is trying to sell the website for $90,000 and claim that he made $60,000 a month with the website. So now he is trying to sell the website with fake statistics. He claimed that the reason for selling it is because he can not manage the workload and he is planning to go to college. If I am making $60,000 I would not go to college to tell you the truth. I would expand on it.

    Let me ask you all a question.

    If you are making $60,000 a month would you sell that website for $90,000?