Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Does your washing machine eat socks?? mine has!!

Has anyone ever figured out how to stop losing socks in washing machines and find lost socks.
 We can put an even amount of socks into the washing machine, and come out with one sock missing.
 There are many theories to this missing sock puzzle, but no one has of yet solved the problem.
 No matter how carefully we count the socks going ''into'' the washing machine,they never come out with the same amount. Does this Spark an idea?

Things You'll Need

  • clothes pin
  • small holed bag (save them when you buy cherries in the supermarket.
  • Large diaper pin
  • laundry bag


    • 1
      Pin each pair of socks together at the toe with a safety pin before adding them into the washing machine. Buying new socks that match will be costly and can be expensive.Save money by not losing them in the washing machines to begin with.
    • 2
      Use an adding machine to count the socks! Just in case you have a counting problem. This will help you to save and stop losing socks in washing machines.
    • 3

      Keep your eyes on the washing machine at all times

      Put the socks into a laundry bag when you take them off. Do not touch the socks again. Keep filling the bag with more socks until laundry day.Make sure you tie the laundry bag closed, to keep the 'odor' out.
    • 4
      Take the bag, with the socks intact, and pull the little cord on the top, sealing the sock bag firmly. Toss the bag into the wash with the other clothes and you will stop losing socks in washing machines. This is an inexpensive way to save money by having to buy new matching socks.
    • 5
      Remove the bag when the wash is finished, and toss the bag with the socks inside, into the clothes dryer. Problem solved! You should have all your socks and not have lost even one.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a clothes pin to secure the pair of socks instead of the laundry bag.
  • Save the bags that loose cherries come in at the supermarket. These have holes and a prefect to hold and then wash socks.
  • If you still have a sock missing, then give up! Just keep buying more socks.
  • Buy socks all in one color. This way you will never even know if you lost a sock.
  • Make sure the dog is no where near the socks when you take them off.

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