Saturday, February 2, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day!!! Superbowl time!!! And what better way to celebrate this big day than with lots of yummy food?? Now around here we take snacking seriously...Pull out the BBQ Grill, heat up the charcoal and throw as much food as we can on it LOL. This year we are fortunate to have received the Big game box from CRAVEBOX AND BOY IS IT A GOOD ONE. 

Inside this awesome box was 2 large family sized Zatarains Jambalaya rice mix, two regular boxes of Zatarains Red rice and beans, 2 shakers of Zatarains Creole seasoning , 2 little jars of creole mustard and two containers of true lemon iced tea mix!! Along with some awesome mouth watering recipes and don't forget the beads!! Perfect celebration foods considering the Superbowl is being played in New Orleans :)

In addition to all of this awesome food we are barbecuing chicken. Preparing some delicious spinach dip (My secret Recipe)!! AND the biggest of them all is this amazing StadiYUM!!!!

I can pretty much bet that by now your taste buds are saying OMG yummmmmm. Well mine are too LOL I am so ready for this day full of excitement and good eating. Now I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but that does not keep me from watching because I LOVE football!! How will you celebrate Superbowl at your house??

I would like to shout a big Thank You to CRAVEBOX for such an awesome box and for allowing me to try out these wonderful products which I can share with friends and family!!

I am not compensated for writing my opinions and thoughts on any products nor did i receive any products in exchange for my posting. These are my honest opinions and I enjoy writing and sharing with my readers :)

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