Thursday, September 26, 2013

After a long day of chores and shopping I decided I would stop at Starbucks and use my $10 gift card to get a tall cup of vanilla frappuccino. I sure needed some energy to make it through until bedtime!
 As I was pulling into the parking lot i see a young girl and her mother walking across the crosswalk. The little girl looked hungry and mother looked like she needed calgon.
 As I am parking i watch them as they are headed toward the 99 cent store and notice that the little girl has no shoes on...just socks! Since I needed to grab a few things from there I decided to go there first.
 While in the store i see mom grabbing some socks from the pegs and the little girl is looking at coloring books. She turns to her mom and asks if she can have one. Mom answers sorry honey but you need socks so we can make it home without your feet getting hurt :( This saddened me as i was curious as to where her shoes were. I slowly walk over and ask "What happened to your shoes?" The little girl replies "They are at my house but me and my mommy left because daddy was throwing things"
Poor thing....I felt so bad as I know how that must feel to have to leave a violent situation. I told the girl and her mommy to wait right outside after they are done shopping and that i would be right back! I ran over to Starbucks and walked inside. There were several people waiting in line to place their orders. I too got in line, but for a different reason.
 I was asking anyone if they would like my gift card in exchange for some cash. Luckily a woman wanted it as she said she prefers loading a card instead of carrying her cash. She generously gave me the $10 and we both went on our way.
 I returned to the store and walked up to the mom and daughter, handed her the $10 and told her about how i had just spotted children's shoes on clearance over at Kmart. The little girl smiled so big and pretty and mom just well mom teared up and hugged me! I did not need my coffee as bad as she needed some yeah I did a good thing and nothing feels better than to see a young child smile :)

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