Thursday, September 26, 2013

I just love decorating for Halloween! It used to be Christmas but retailers have pretty much commercialized it so much it makes me sick.

 I no longer have children living at home but I still decorate for when grandkids come by . My oldest grandchild she is 6 and loves coming over because I always spend time doing craft projects with her. This year we are doing luminaries.

This is a fun project for the kids and I even enjoy it :) Here is what you will need:
 Glass or Plastic Jars – This is a great craft to upcycle those baby food jars!
 Mod Podge or Paste
 Foam Brush
 Googly Eyes
 Pipe Cleaners
 Colored tissue paper cut into squares
 LED Candles

 1. Pour Mod Podge on a plate or paint tray. Apply a thin layer to the outside of the jar.
 2. Cover the jar with pieces of tissue paper.
 3. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the tissue paper and let it dry.
 4. Decorate your luminary! We made a pumpkin, ghosts and bats
 5. Place a lighted LED candle into each jar to make them glow

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