Friday, May 23, 2014

Revealing The GovoxBox from Influenster

As an Influenster I often get the opportunity to receive and try out some of the hottest products on the market. This box of goodies was called the Go Voxbox as it was loaded with all things us women want to get going.

I started out with the blue diamond blueberry almonds because i just love almonds! These were totally awesome and good and now i want more!! They were delightfully sweet and crunchy and yes very addicting. You gotta try 'em!!

The next item i pulled out was the next step fit n full shake mixes along with the mixer. This little mixer is pretty cool as it has a big giant jax inside that blends the shake. 

These shakes are pretty darn tasty...i normally will not drink any kind of shake but this one surprised me. It was really fruity and it actually filled me up!

Now this next item was something new to me. It was the ProFoot callus remover ball. It's really squishy and soft but at the same time just rough enough to remove those dry callus areas of the foot. My feet are very ticklish so this was quite a challenge for me. I gently rubbed it along the heel of my foot and i could literally see the dead skin coming off. I know ...ewwwww!! but hey, my feet are silky smooth now :)

Also included were the inserts for my shoes. These also were provided by Profoot. I have not used them as of yet but i am sure they are great too!!

Now for the luxurious part! I received a full size container of Aqua spa lavender and chamomille bath soak...ohhh does this smell lovely! I am not a big fan of bath soaks but when i want to have a nice hot and relaxing bath well....this is perfect for that moment.

And last but not least were the playtex sport tampons. I know....we do not like to talk about that ugly monthly horror but sometimes we have to :p Tampons are usually not on the top of my list but these were pretty amazing. They are small and surprisingly very comfortable to wear and they let me go on with my day having complete confidence that i would NOT have a uh ohhhh moment.

I received all of these products complimentary solely for testing...they were provided by

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